iD Pants Plus (Large) 14 Pack


iD Pants Plus is a unisex absorbent pant designed to provide maximum performance. The soft waist band gives you a comfortable feeling all the time. The product is made from breathable material and has an odour control feature that keeps you feeling fresh.​ ​​​​

iD Pants are pull up briefs designed to allow you to maintain your independence and enjoy life to the full. They offer an ideal solution for managing moderate urinary incontinence. Easy to use, iD Pants can be worn and taken off like any regular underwear. These products combine comfort and discretion due to their elasticated waist and cotton feel backsheet. PLUS is designed for light to moderate incontinence.

Features and Benefits

  • Dermatologically tested: All our protective iD products are approved by dermatologists to guarantee minimal risk of any skin irritation.
  • Fast absorption & instant dryness: Quick maximum fluid immersion keeps skin dry.
  • 100% breathable: Breathable, niet-geweven material helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • Improved internal topsheet: An original formula of botanical ingredients improves the topsheet (the layer that touches the skin).
  • Anti leak barriers: Our unique barriers; made of anti-leak cuffs combined with soft hydrophobic (waterproof) side elastics, provide a secure fit and enhance protection against leakages.
  • Perfect fit: The elasticated zones of our products ensure an anatomical adaptation to the body for extra comfort and discretion.
  • Odour control: An odour control system in the absorbent core helps to prevent the formation of ammonia and unpleasant odours.

How to Use

  1. Ensuring the size indicator is at the back, step into the Pants and pull them up
  2. Adjust for comfort and security
  3. Remove the pants by either pulling them down or tearing the side seams
  4. Once removed, simply roll-up the pants and dispose of carefully