Active Iron 30 Capsules


Food Supplement

Clinically proven 2 x better absorption and 6 x less gut irritation
Clinically proven to increase iron levels by 94%
Unique formula that is gentle on the stomach
Active Iron Advance 25mg is clinically proven to increase iron and support haemoglobin formation. Active Iron’s ground-breaking formulation targets the body’s natural site of iron absorption, the DMT-1, delivering 2x better absorption of iron sulfate.

Active Iron Advance was developed in response to the global need for an iron supplement that is well tolerated and easy to absorb. Gastrointestinal side effects are the major cause of poor adherence with oral iron products. Active Iron Advance is different. It’s a high strength iron supplement with a ground-breaking protein formula that has been specially developed to reduce gut irritation from iron.

Solvotrin Therapeutics, Little Island, Cork, Ireland