Bo Yea Sacc ULTRA Probiotics 1.2kg


Bo Yea Sacc is designed to ensure consitstent nutritional performance. It provides pre- and probiotics and specific dietary mycotoxins binders.

The formula of Bo Yea Sacc Ultra includes an innovative ingredient: Mycosorb A+®. Its adsorbent properties allow it to bind and retain certain molecules, including food mycotoxins. Vitamins and minerals, which are key to horses’ nutrition remain unaff ected. This unique formula also contains Yea Sacc 1026, a probiotic yeast which helps the animal make the most of its food intake, and prebiotics (FOS or fructooligosaccharides) which maximise the benefi ts of this yeast.

Daily allowance
1 measure = 10 g.
Foals: 1/2 measure per day.
Yearlings: 1 measure per day.
Adults: 2 measures per day.
Increased requirements, or during times of intensive eff ort (adults): 4 measures per day.