Carnation Footcare Advance Pressure Relief System Long Life Heel Pads


> APR System products use technologically advanced materials (PORON) extensively tested and used in professional chiropody
> Designed to reduce shock, pressure and fatigue, aches and pain in the feet, leg and back
> Absorb shocks as the foot strikes the ground and evenly distributes energy generated across the total area thereby reducing fatigue, aches and pains
> Rebounds to original thickness in a fraction of a second
> Will not compress, harden or break up, unlike other material
> Allows moisture to move away from skin leaving the feet feeling cooler
> Dual protection antimicrobial agent combats the fungi that cause athlete’s foot and destroys the bacteria that cause foot odour
> Heel Pad can be used together with insole for more cushion
> One size fits all – cut to size

Directions for Use
Please use enclosed size guide and directions for use when fitting heel pads
Long life heel pads can be placed directly into your shoe or used in conjunction with Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles, part of the Carnation Footcare range professionally researched and designed to care for feet.