This promotional pack contains the following products:

  • Clarins Eau des Jardins Treatment Fragrance 100ml
  • Clarins Eau des Jardins Smoothing Body Cream 100ml
  • Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin 30ml

Clarins Eau des Jardins Treatment Fragrance is a joyful treatment water that hydrates and soothes even the most sensitive skin. This lively formula combines the aroma and skincare benefits of concentrated plant extracts to bring you all the benefits of a natural escapade. Aromatic essential oils of citrus fruits blend with seductive roses and reassuring woody notes in order to create a captivating fragrance that will delight the senses. Not only does this fragrance encapsulate all the charm of a dream garden, but it also offers therapeutic virtues. Natural plant extracts of blackcurrant, beech, and mountain ash tree complete this magical formula with their hydrating and soothing benefits; as a result, they restore radiance and vitality to the skin. This inspiring plant-based fragrance suits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Furthermore, it may be used comfortably in the sun, thanks to its non-photosensitizing formula. .

Clarins Eau des Jardins Smoothing Body Cream is a scented body cream that perfectly matches the scent of the Clarins Eau des Jardins Treatment Fragrance. It moisturizes the skin with an indulging texture and with a long-lasting perfume that lingers all day.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin is the essential first step in everybody care routine. This refreshing, moisturizing, and exfoliating treatment offer as many benefits as the natural ingredients it features; bamboo powders smooth away rough and flaky patches, moringa offers a detox effect, Mimosa tenuiflora soothes the skin, and shea butter envelops the body in comfort. The skin is buffed and polished to perfection, all in order to unveil its natural youthful beauty.