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Set includes: Clarins Eau Ressourcante Refreshing Water, 100 ml + Clarins Silky Smooth Body Cream, 100 ml + Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin, 30 ml + Makeup Bag

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Refreshing Water

– bestows a feeling of freshness, calmness, and peace for the whole day;
– contains essential oils of Iris, Cedar, Basil, Siamese Benzoin, which perfectly relieve stress;
– promotes natural skin regeneration;
– extracts of Longan and Acacia have moisturizing and softening effects on the skin;
– can be used to set makeup;
– can be also used in any season of the year;
– does not increase the skin’s sensitivity to light;
– gentle aroma reminds the scent of a fresh forest after rain and the sweetness of blossoming flowers.

larins Silky Smooth Body Cream

– suitable for all skin types;
– essential oils and natural plant extracts guarantee maximum skin hydration and toning;
– helps to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity;
– makes the skin velvety smooth;
– perfectly stimulates the skin to natural self-renewal;
– regular use guarantees the preservation of youthful skin for many years;
– can be freely applied at any time of the day;
– infused with a pleasant scent.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

– densely filled with micro-granules of bamboo powder;
– effectively exfoliates the keratinized upper layer of the skin;
– deeply cleanse pores;
– enriched with nourishing botanicals and moisturizing oils;
– helps smooth out various skin’s unevenness and roughness;
– Moringa seed extract activates intensive detoxification and renewal of skin cells;
– Shea butter and Mimosa extract provide a regenerating effect;
– Licorice extract additionally hydrates and softens the skin;
– has a thick consistency;
– leaves skin feeling firm, smooth, and silky.

How to use

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Refreshing Water

Apply to face and body skin.

Clarins Silky Smooth Body Cream

To apply, gently smooth onto the skin all over the body.

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

Massage onto damp or dry skin 1-2 times per week, concentrating on rough areas such as elbows, knees, feet, and thighs. Rinse thoroughly.

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