Clarins Silky-Smooth Body Cream 200ml


Voluptuousness for the skin and pleasure for the senses: This body cream of unctuous and generous texture combines a perfume based on essential oils and plant extracts according to the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy.  To give the skin an irresistible velvety touch, extracts of sarsaparilla, robinia and longan contribute to hydrate, soften and stimulate.  Relax and satin the skin while wrapping the body a subtle, refined and reassuring fragrance.  It provides a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation.  Likewise, basil, iris, cedar and benzoin surround the body with its fresh and relaxing soothing notes.
Benefits:  Hydrates, perfumes and relaxes.
Skin type: Normal, Dry, Mixed, Fat.
Texture : sweet cream.

Product features:
– Gender: Women
– Bath & Body: Body Moisturiser