Medicare Hot and Cold Therapy Back Brace


• Hot and Cold Back Therapy Brace that is adjustable (26″ – 50″ waists)

• For effective and targeted relief from discomfort associated with Over Exertion, Sprains, Strains and Stiffness

• Features a built in, reusable gel pack that is microwavable and freezable

• Contains Cinch Straps for a more secure fit

• Also contains removable splints for a customisable level of tension and support

• Apply hot or cold therapy to help relieve discomfort while gently supporting your back

• Cold therapy that helps treat swelling, sprains, strains and bruising

• Hot therapy helps relieve stiffness and fatique and relax tight muscles

The Hot and Cold Therapy Braces feature a built-in, reusable gel pack that is microwavable or freezable for targeted, easy to apply hot or cold therapy to help relieve discomfort while gently supporting the injured area. Hot and Cold Therapy provides pain relief for a variety of complaints and conditions. We have a wide range of hot therapy and cold therapy gels, creams, reusable and instant packs, as well as combined hot/cold therapy products that work cohesively to help you recover faster. Some like it hot . . . some do not! Not sure whether you need hot or cold therapy? As a general guideline, sudden acute injuries like a sprained ankle, muscle tear, bruise or inflammation should be treated with cold therapy. Do not use cold therapy on stiff muscles or joints. Sore, stiff muscles are best treated with hot therapy, because the heat helps to relax, soothe and loosen up the tired muscles. Hot therapy can also be used to increase the range of motion. Do not use hot therapy on an injury that is already warm to the touch. Hot Therapy can also be used before exercise to improve mobility by loosening muscles and increasing joint elasticity. Heat packs are particularly popular among people who experience lower back pain. The Hot Pack provides form-fitting, flexible hot therapeutic relief for arthritis, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, and much more.