MooGoo Antibacterial Hand Moisturiser 270g


Alcohol based hand washes are effective at killing bacteria, the same goes for soap and water if you have time. But after discovering that a large number of nurses and practitioners were reporting skin problems due to repeated use of alcohol on their hands, we set out to make a natural anti-bacterial cleanser that protected the skin, whilst being as effective as alcohol in a time kill study.

We started with a moisturising base of Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E. We then added a blend of 5 different essential oils, each targeting different types of bacteria.

When it comes to fragrance, we know everyone has their own preferences. Some find it crisp and fresh, while others prefer odourless. We’re aware that this blend may not be to everyone’s liking, but thought it most important to cater for those who have troubles with other hand washes.


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