Physiologix Ultimate Multi-Wrap Support (One Size)


This lightweight, durable and super stretchy support is designed for use on multiple body parts The Physiologix Ultimate Support Range offers firm compression and superior support. It uses AIRFLEX Technology which is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention to help improve blood circulation and reduce pain. • Durable and resuable, this wrap helps reduce muscle strain while maintaining elasticity for long-term use • Provides compression and support ideal for smaller body parts such as wrists, elbows, and ankles • Helps reduce muscle strain while maintaining elasticity for long-term use. Physiologix is an innovative and dynamic tape and support sports therapy range developed and endorsed by chartered physiotherapists and professional athletes to aid in every stage of an injury whether it be prevention, treatment or recovery. Developed by Fleming Medical in 2017 alongside chartered physiotherapists and professional athletes, the Physiologix range uses the latest in innovative design and fabric technologies which provide outstanding comfort and uncompromising support to aid in injury recovery. Physiologix is now recognised by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and has grown to include over 100 products. The tape range includes Kinesiology, Sports, Cohesive and Zinc Oxide tapes in different colours and sizes that offer varying levels of compression and adhesion. The support range includes solutions for most body parts and has four levels in the range: Essential, Advanced, Ultimate and the newly launched Custom range.