Physiologix Ultimate Patella Knee Stabiliser (Small)


Physiologix Ultimate Patella Knee Stabiliser

This multi-purpose knee strap uses a combination of upper, lower and side compression to combat pain and discomfort in the knee.

The Physiologix Ultimate Support Range offers firm compression and superior support.
It uses AIRFLEX Technology which is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention to help improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

• Integrated conforming silicone pads stabilise the knee
• Discreet design for easy and comfortable wearing throughout the day
• Recommended for iliotibial band syndrome, runners’ knee, patella tendonitis, arthritis and quad misalignment.

Size Guide: Measure Around the Middle of Knee Joint

Small: 31.8cm – 34.3cm
Medium: 34.3cm – 35.8cm
Large: 36.8cm – 39.4cm
XLarge: 39.4cm – 41.9cm