Physiologix Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support (One Size)


Designed to provide targeted relief for forearm pain associated with repetitive strain injuries like tennis or golf elbow The Physiologix Ultimate Support Range offers firm compression and superior support. It uses AIRFLEX Technology which is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention to help improve blood circulation and reduce pain. • Integrated silicone pad for decompression of tendon • Hook and loop fastener offers controlled compression and a custom fit • Helps reduce risk of further injury. Physiologix is an innovative and dynamic tape and support sports therapy range developed and endorsed by chartered physiotherapists and professional athletes to aid in every stage of an injury whether it be prevention, treatment or recovery. Developed by Fleming Medical in 2017 alongside chartered physiotherapists and professional athletes, the Physiologix range uses the latest in innovative design and fabric technologies which provide outstanding comfort and uncompromising support to aid in injury recovery. Physiologix is now recognised by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.