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Clarins Treatment Fragrance 100ml

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1) Clarins Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance

The Clarins Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance 100ml is an iconic product that is made of 95% natural ingredients. It is designed to perfume, energize, and tone the body and mind, making it perfect for starting your day off right or fighting off temporary fatigue.

The fragrance has top notes of sweet and bitter orange, mandarin, and petitgrain that reveal a fresh scent. The heart notes of lavandin, eucalyptus, tarragon, and nutmeg, combined with the aromas of patchouli, lend Eau Dynamisante its invigorating character.

How to use:

The spray format of the Clarins Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance 100ml is applied like a fragrance. To take full advantage of the aromatic benefits of your Treatment Fragrance, spray into your hand, rub your palms together, then breathe in deeply. Repeat this three times. Then, spray generously on your pulse points and/or clothes.

2) Clarins Eau Ressourçante

Floral and woody, this Treatment Fragrance, made of 93% natural ingredients, relieves stress and relaxes the body and mind. When struggling with fatigue or tension, it’s an excellent ally to help the skin and mind restore harmony and serenity. Top notes of Basil and Cardamom immediately refresh the skin. Heart notes of Clary Sage and Iris, combined with the aromas of Benzoin (base note), then encourage relaxation. The skin’s comfort is restored thanks to the relaxing effect of the organic Teasel extract, combined with the soothing properties of the Robinia Flower water. Its deep blue, refillable bottle is an invitation to let go and relax.

Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily

Texture: Liquid

Use: Use every morning and top up at any time of day. 

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