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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 100ml

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The fragrance opens with mouthwatering top notes of crisp Granny Smith apple and tangy Calabrian lemon, extracted with the traditional sfumatrice technique, which allows the olfactory profile of the lemon to be expressed in its entirety. This addictively fresh duo melds with the delicate charm of the bluebell to conjure the essence of a Mediterranean summer. The heart of the fragrance blooms with a feminine bouquet of heady jasmine and pure white rose, freshened by a woody aromatic note of bamboo. This sensual floral heart slowly unfurls to a seductive base of cedar wood, upcycled from sawdust and wood shavings created during the creation of cedar wood cabinets. This note, extracted through steam distillation, gives Light Blue its characteristic woody base, entwined with warm amber and a lingering trail of white musks.

The frosted glass of the bottle suggests the freshness of the fragrances within, and the blue caps recall the azure waters and cerulean skies of Capri.

Light Blue conjures a Mediterranean woman who wears her femininity with ease, a woman with a captivating aura no one can resist. Created by master perfumer Olivier Cresp, Light Blue perfectly captures her natural sensuality, encapsulating the essence of a balmy summer’s day in a lively, fruity floral scent that speaks of sun-drenched days on the magical island of Capri. The freshness of sparkling citrus and crisp green apple, softened by a feminine bouquet of jasmine and white rose, yields to the seductive warmth of cedar wood, amber and musk.

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