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Spotlight Oral Care Professional LED Teeth Whitening System

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Who is this for? Spotlight Oral Care LED teeth whitening kit delivers fast and effective results using the latest advances in whitening technology in three easy steps. This kit contains a patent pending dual action LED light, Dentist Developed Activated PAP Pro Whitening Strips, and the PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen. Using nanotechnology, our LED light emits dual action red and blue wavelengths. The blue light helps accelerate the action of active ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and PAP which results in an oxidising action that breaks down the stains that have built up on the tooth surface while also lifting the overall shade of the tooth. The light from the red spectrum soothes and rejuvenates the gum and soft tissues surrounding the teeth which reduces sensitivity but also improves the appearance of your gums. The PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen is designed to be used during the course of the treatment to maintain and enhance the results and can also be used as a touch up to minimise stains that appear during your daily routine. Primary Benefits -Advanced Whitening (using PAP, a revolutionary whitening ingredient along with Hydrogen Peroxide for an advanced whitening experience) - Vegan - Cruelty Free - 30 minute treatment altogether so a quicker whitening treatment

Kit Contains; 

- Dual Action LED Light Travel Case 

- PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen (4ml) 

- Dentist Developed Activated PAP Pro Whitening Strips (x10)

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