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Spotlight Sonic Pro Toothbrush (White / Black)

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Product Details

Spotlight's most powerful toothbrush yet.

Using dentist-developed technology, the Sonic Pro Toothbrush is the ultimate device to achieve a brighter, healthier smile at home.
4 Speed Settings - Gentle, Clean, Whiten, Polish
Up to 50,000 reps per minute
Smart Pressure Sensor
Micro Point Tongue Cleaner
2 minute Visual Quadrant Timer
Up to 70 Day Battery Life (mode dependent)

What's included
Sonic Pro Toothbrush
3x Replacement Heads
Magnetic Click Charger
USB-C Charging Cable
Travel Case & User Manual

Up to 70 Day Battery Life (mode dependent)
Specification met: CE
USB-C Charging Cable
Magnetic Click Charger
Gentle Mode : 30,000 Reps/Min
Clean Mode: 40,000 Reps/Min
White Mode: 45,000 Reps/Min
Polish Mode: 50,000 Reps/Min
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