Terms & Conditions

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Website is for use by people eighteen years and over.

The terms and conditions are through English.

The contract of sale is through English.

This Website will only permit the online purchases of fragrance, cosmetics and other non medical products.

Throughout the terms and conditions Guerins pharmacy will be designated as “we” and the customer/purchaser will be designated as “you”

1) This website is designed for use by customers in the Republic of Ireland. Those who choose to access this site from outside the Republic of Ireland are responsible for compliance with the relevant Irish legislation.

All activities on this website are governed by Irish law and all parties must submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

2) We cannot guarantee that all of the information on this website is correct at all times. We will strive on a weekly basis to update this website for our customers. We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by information on this website. We accept no liability for loss or damage caused by failure to access this website.

3) All personal financial data will be facilitated by Paypal.

We will store securely the following personal customer data.

The patients name and address, the customer e mail address and the customer mobile phone number.

Their will be no distribution of any private customer data to any third party.

4) Orders

Orders will be sent by you to our website. Information relating to this order will be received by us. We will send an email to you confirming the received order.

When we have validated this order an e mail of confirmation of order will be sent to you.

The email of confirmation of order is a legally binding agreement between you and Guerins pharmacy to purchase the relevant products.

We may not have sufficient stock to fill the entire order. In these circumstances we will despatch the stock we have and cancel the part of the order we do not have.

5) Payment

Payment can be made by debit or credit card through the Paypal faciity on our website.

We will receive confirmation of payment by e-mail from Paypal.

Payment will be d ebited from your account before despatch of your purchase.

6) Delivery

Delivery of purchased products will be made by a nationwide courier service.

All orders over 50.00 euros will be free of delivery charge.

Delivery of all items will be within three to five working days.

If delivery is delayed beyond twenty days then you have a right to cancel the order and a full refund will be processed.

You have the statutory right to return any purchased product to us within fourteen days of time of delivery. (time item was signed for)

A full refund will be processed for any returned product within the fourteen day period.

At the time of delivery you will sign off on delivery of products . After this time the products become your sole responsibility.

You must give notice of a damaged product within twenty four hours of time of delivery.

7) Pricing

All online prices may not be matched by the same in-store product.

The price as advertised on the website on the day of the order will be acknowledged in the confirmation of order e mail. If the price has been lowered since the website was updated then we will process the order at the lower price.

8) Product availability

We cannot guarantee that all products advertised on the website will be available , at all times. If , a product is unavailable then a full refund or replacement product will be offered immediately.